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仙臺まちなかシアター2024 始まります!


Sendai Machinaka Theater, an event where you can enjoy watching a theater while having a meal, starts in 2024!



The first part is a special edition.

The theme is "Let's make friends with foreign people living in Sendai."

We will be holding a kimono&theater&lunth event with antique kimono shop YOSHIGIN and multinational restaurant Sekai Gohan(SEGO).


Foreigners and Japanese alike are welcome!


Let's spend a relaxing time wearing a kimono, a traditional Japanese costume!


Of course, as usual, we also have plans that include just theater and food.

仙臺まちなかシアター2024 vol.1「日本&世界の怪談」


出演:渡部ギュウ 竹田朋子(演劇集団よろずや)



【通常プラン(観劇&ランチのみ)】12:30~14:00 3500円



キャンセルは13日(水)まで必ずご連絡ください。以降はキャンセル料が派生します。(080-2824-3709 担当者直通)

【特別プラン(着付け&まち歩き付)】9:00~14:30 5000円(大学生まで3000円)







キャンセルは11日(火)まで必ずご連絡ください。以降はキャンセル料が派生します。(080-2824-3709 担当者直通)







Sendai Machinaka Theater 2024 vol.1 “Ghost Stories from Japan & the World”

The classic Japanese ghost story ``Peony '' and 〝Ghost'' by French author Maupassant will be performed to the accompaniment of live flute music.

Cast: Gyu Watanabe, Tomoko Takeda, Susumu Yamashita (horizontal flute)

Date and time: June 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun)

【Regular plan (theater & lunch only)】 12:30-14:00 ⇒3500 yen

 ※Restaurant (SEGO) opens at 12:00, and all seats will be free seating.

 ※Lunch includes 1 drink. All meals will be from the same menu.

※Please be sure to contact us by June 13th(Thu) if you wish to cancel.

After that, a cancellation fee will be applied. (080-2824-3709)

【Special plan (with kimono dressing experience)】

9:00-14:30 ⇒5,000 yen (3,000 yen until college students)

①Please go to YOSHIGIN Mitsukoshi store (Mitsukoshi main building 7th floor) and choose a kimono between June 1th to 12th.

On the day of the event, Please come to L-Park Sendai on the 5th floor of Mitsukoshi Jozenji Dori Building by 9:15a.m. You will have your hair done between 9:15 and 10:00 in the Japanese-style room (June 16th⇒Music Room2), and then you will be dressed in a kimono at YOSHIGIN Mitsukoshi Store.

③ After getting dressed in a kimono,you can take a stroll along Jozenji Street in early summer. We also accept taking photo with your smartphone or camera.

④ We will arrive at SEGO at 12:00. Enjoy lunch, drinks, and watching a reading drama.

⑤After the performance, You will go back to YOSHIGIN and change your clothes.

※After applying, we will contact you with details via email.

※Please be sure to contact us by June 11th(Tue) if you wish to cancel.

After that, a cancellation fee will be applied. (080-2824-3709)


・Tohoku Ebisu reservation page

・Email reservation:

・Telephone reservation: 080-2824-3709

・From Instagram DM: @tohokuebisu

【地図(Map)】※クリックすると地図が表示されます。Click to display a map.

Sendai Mitsukoshi 7th floor, 4-11-1 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai

      GRAND SOLEIL 1F 2-4-1 Omachi, Aoba Ward, Sendai





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